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Tiger Mountain Jewelry features natural semi-precious stones in over 500 unique designs.  Each piece of Tiger Mountain Jewelry is made by hand using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. In a world where so many things are made by machines they take pride that in a small way they help keep this tradition alive.


Organic Tagua Jewelry is the largest manufacturer of Tagua jewelry in the world. Our products are handmade in Ecuador with all natural materials, certified vegetable dyes, and superior craftsmanship. Join us in creating dignified jobs and empowering our Ecuadorian artisans.

The ancient art of traditional metalworking remains deeply connected to the culture celebrated in Bali and, when combined with contemporary sensibilities, creates the exquisite designs and workmanship of the jewelry you see in the SITA Collection.



Crossroads is proud to work with Artisans around the globe. Since its inception, Crossroads has been dedicated to raising the living standards of artisans through collaborative design and trade.
Crossroads was founded as a gateway to extraordinary handcrafted jewelry and accessories. Drawing on experience in the studio and in arts administration, the Crossroads team work closely with artisans and craftspeople internationally and close to home to develop and create distinctive, beautiful designs.