What We Do
Carol Ann Callahan & Associates, Inc is proud to represent an eclectic collection of jewelry and accessory manufacturers and designers, showcasing the latest styles, colors. metals, artistic expression and multicultural craftsmanship available in today’s marketplace. Our many creative designers are talented artists from around the globe including several who handcraft their pieces in the U.S.A
We pride ourselves on developing strong, long-lasting relationships utilizing our consulting expertise to bring our
customers the best-selling product every season, enabling them to increase their profits year after year. We strive to share our 25+ years’ experience and knowledge of the jewelry and accessory industry in a professional, organized presentation based on the individuality of each store. We have expertise in the fields of Visual Merchandising, Inventory Management and Sales Management

Why Do I Need A Rep?
We have heard people ask “Why do I need a rep?” and the answer is simple:

•We bring you invaluable information about the current marketplace as it relates to your unique, individual business utilizing the knowledge we gather from our broad variety of manufacturers and regional groups of clients.
• We are local and understand that locations and regions can be very different.
• We bring personal attention to detail, outstanding customer service and the ability to see the product up close and personal in your surroundings.
• You get to touch and feel the quality of the merchandise in the same way you want your customers to experience the items in your store.
• We treat your time sensitive situations and questions with the immediate attention that they require and frequently help negotiate with your best interest at heart.

In Summary
Our experience has taught us to appreciate and respect the individuality of each store. We are continually humbled and grateful to our loyal customers for inviting us into their lives and businesses again and again. We look forward to maintaining our relationships and developing new ones as we work closely with you, helping you to achieve your business goals and beyond.